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The art of science​

Our teaching materials have been produced with schools in mind. These exciting experiments and exercises aim to demonstrate you some cool theories and help you understand a wide range of science - only through balloons. Yes, you read it right!


Within each lesson, a basic worksheet and a list of materials are provided, as well as a guidance risk assessment - all you have to do is deliver it! Simple... isn't it?

Working with schools for schools

We teamed up with a local school in Rugby, UK, to create a series of lessons and experiments with balloons, but the most exciting part is that they were created for children (drum roll)... by children! 

Don't worry if you're not a child anymore though! These lessons are by no means limited to age, so everyone can try and enjoy them really, whilst learning one thing or two about science.

 Feel free to download the Lesson Plans and Risk Assessment sheet.

Pins, Pressures

& Balloons

Objective: To introduce the effect of pressure over surface area

Thermal Expansion

of Gases

Objective: To demonstrate the thermal expansion

and contraction of air.

Acid-Base Reactions

& CO2

Objective: To introduce acid-base reaction

and CO2 creation

Friction &

Invisible Forces

Objective: To introduce the invisible force of friction.

Stress vs


Objective: To demonstrate the difference between stress and strain.



Objective: To demonstrate how the materials can be used to remove heat.

If there’s a lesson to be learnt using balloons, we’ve seen it and now we want to share it with you!

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