The art of science

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If there’s a lesson to be learnt using balloons, we’ve seen it and now we want to share it with you!


Our teaching materials have been produced with schools in mind - fun experiments and exercises that utilise the 'magic' of balloons to demonstrate theories and understand a wide range of science.


Each lesson contains a demo video, basic worksheet, materials list and a guidance risk assessment - all you have to do is deliver it!

Working with schools for schools

Partysafe has teamed up with a Rugby-based school to create a series of lesson plans based on balloons. Together we have created a series of lessons and experiments with learning objectives whilst having fun. And most importantly, they are created for children, by children!

Below is a list of experiments we have lined up for filming in the coming months. Feel free to download the lesson plans and risk assessments.


Lesson: Pins, Pressures & Balloons

Objective: To introduce the effect of pressure over surface area

Lesson: Thermal expansion of gases

Objective: To visibly demonstrate the thermal expansion and contraction of air

Lesson: Acid-base reactions & CO2

Objective: To introduce acid-base reactions and CO2 creation

Lesson: Friction & invisible forces

Objective: To introduce the invisible force of friction

Lesson: Stress vs strain

Objective: To introduction to the difference between stress and strain

Lesson: Thermal displacement

Objective: To demonstrate how materials can be used to remove heat for cooling



Would you like your school to be in with the chance to win £100 worth of vouchers?

Competitions are only open once per year. Please check out our Facebook page to follow us.

It's simple - just design an experiment for a chance to win! Simply look at the list below and submit your school project video. The video with the most likes wins the price.

  1. Balloon powered car – with weights to see how far the car travels

  2. Balloon powered boat

  3. Balloon powered plane with direction

  4. Elasticated drone for lift

  5. Balloon propulsion on a string

  6. Balloon flying drone – with different weights to see how high the weights can travel

  7. Magnus effect with balloons

  8. Electrostatic balloon – hovering effect?

  9. Pressure equalisation in a bottle with straw

  10. Hydrogen – foil, drain cleaner and water – lighter gases, exothermic

  11. Balloons and bonding atoms – electron shapes

  12. Reaction of hydrogen with oxygen in the air – releases water vapor and some energy. Energy released in state of noise and heat

You can enter as many times as you'd like - all you need to do is submit any videos to our Facebook page. Your videos will also have the chance to become an official lesson plan for other young scientists.