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Our Code of Conduct

That's how we raise the industry's standards!

All members of Partysafe agree to comply with our Code of Conduct, which mirrors our guide on handling balloons safely and responsibly.


This Code of Conduct expresses their service's morals and beliefs. It reflects their business' professionalism and will to put your needs first, so you can rest assured that you, as consumer, are cared for in the way you deserve.


Our members:

RESPECT intellectual property - do not support counterfeits.

EDUCATE consumers with best practices.

HELP the environment by making sustainable choices.

ENSURE safe and ethical use of balloons and party products.

PROMOTE a unified industry.

All of our members are responsible for educating consumers on ‘best practice’. If your application to become a PartySafe member is successful, you must commit to raising awareness of best practices so that your consumers are aware of how to use products safely and responsibly. The participation of our members on educating consumers on ‘best practice’ is crucial to maintaining the credibility and positive image of our industry.

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