Age ratings

Different products will carry different age warnings. Two of the most common symbol warnings you will find are:

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old

  • Not suitable for children under 8 years old

In most instances, the numbers will indicate the age of the child warning in years.

Age ratings are normally accompanied by a hazard. One of the most common hazards on children's toy products are for small parts - which present a choking hazard. The accompanying text in this instance would be the symbol followed by 'CHOKING HAZARD - contains small parts'.

In some instances, the warning will have the accompanying text 'WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years old - contains small parts.'


All soft toys should be safe for children of any age including newborn babies since it is expected to naturally provide children with soft plush toys. 

Don't forget, all these products undergo rigorous safety tests to ensure they meet the standards. Any toys that fail will not be safety marked.

When purchasing new toys, look out for small parts that can easily be detached since these present the biggest risk of choking. From well documented research, we know little children have a tendency to place objects in their mouth as part of their discovery process about the new big wide world.