Keep away from fire

Please check all products that may carry the warning for 'Keep away from fire'.

This warning has a requirement to be written on bold, Arial font and size 10 and in red. Here's an example;


Now that you've seen it - it may look familiar.

Sometimes, this warning may also be accompanied with a symbol. Most symbols are not harmonised, i.e. the symbols alone are not recognised, so they must be accompanied by a written text warning.

If you do see a symbol, it will usually have some depiction of a flame with some illustration of someone either being injured, or a prohibitive sign warning consumers to keep the materials away from sources of flames.

The current European standard for testing flammability of materials within the Toy Safety Directive is EN71 part 2 - Flammability.

There are a whole range of products which may carry this warning. The EN71-2 standard specifies materials that are prohibited in toys and provides focus on reducing the risk of burn injuries. As well as providing general requirements to all toys, it also specifically stipulates items with the greatest hazards such as:

  • Toys worn on the face or head such as beards, wigs, moustaches, masks etc but excludes paper novelty hats found in crackers.

  • Toy costumes and any toy that is intended to be worn by a child during play

  • Toys which require entry by children such as play tents

  • Plush toys

The warning of fire should never be taken lightly. Please be vigilant at all times and follow some basic common sense:

  • Do not let children play unsupervised

  • Materials with a fire warning should not be used close to sources of naked flames or heat

  • If you are a source of flame for any reason - please ensure any items with the fire warning are not in the vicinity

There are not many toys that are flame resistant, hence, the standard provides some assurance that a child or person holding or wearing items that may catch fire has sufficient time to drop the item, or remove it - allowing sufficient time to avoid any serious injury.