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The science of art​

By thinking outside the box, we have devised a range of demonstration lessons that you can use to start getting creating.

Working with children for the community

In collaboration with a local school in Rugby, UK, we have created a series of activities in which balloons are central.


You may have seen - or tried - some of these exercises before, but the purpose of teaming up with a school was to create a series of lessons and activities with set learning objectives, whilst having fun (by the way, if you haven't tried these cool experiments in which you can learn science through balloons, we would strongly encourage you to do so). 


The activities you'll see below are created by children for the community, which means everyone can try and create some new cool decorations whenever they are - perfect for crafting beginners or experts, no matter your age!

Here is a list of experiments we have lined up for filming over the coming months so that you can follow along with us. Please bear with us whilst we work on creating our educational materials. 


Objective: To create your own wrapping paper.


Objective: To design your own decorative button bowl.

Chocolate Ball

Objective: To create your own chocolate filled ball decoration with yarn.


Objective: To create your own foil balloon decorations.

Hot Air Balloon

Objective: To create your own hot air balloon sculpture.

Pig Money Box

Objective: To create your own smash papier-mâché money box.

Stress Ball

Objective: To create your own stress ball using a balloon.

Balloon Wall Art

Objective: To create your own balloon wall art by reusing old balloons.

There are endless uses for balloons in arts and crafts.

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