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Don't Let Go!

Help the environment...

Balloons are a unique much-loved product and are considered irreplaceable in what they offer. Over the last few years, however, the balloon industry has become increasingly aware of the environmental impacts associated with the irresponsible use of its products, which has also led to changes in consumer perceptions - and social media has only helped to amplify these.

As the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC) loves the environment as much as it loves balloons, and to ensure it complies with its core mission “To educate and promote the fun use of balloons and party products safely, ethically and in respect of the environment”, the association is committed to educating consumers through it's global 'Best Practice' program, delivered through its member network, ensuring balloons are not released intentionally.

In addition to these educational efforts, EBPC has introduced a voluntary symbol on its members packaging with one clear message - 'Don't let go' - which can be understood across all nations and borders.

bin it dont let go-1.jpg

In order to protect the environment from unnecessary litter, the European Balloon & Party Council does not support balloon releases.

Download EBPC's official position on balloon releases

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Balloons should be around to create joy for generations to come. Join the movement and help the environment by keeping your balloons at the party.

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