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Team up with the experts!

If you are...





... a costume retailer...

... a party retailer...

... a venue decorator...

... an entertainer...

... a party organiser...

... a balloon artist...

… then, this membership is for you!

What you'll get 

As a member of Partysafe, you will provide your costumers with the confidence that they are truly in the hands of a professional. 


Take a peek at the benefits of being a Partysafe member below:

Connect to a

global network

The sky's the limit: connect to other professionals from around the world!

Sign up to

live expert

panel events

Get industry insights to leverage your business through our exclusive social media lives. Just ask our experts!

Be part of a


Facebook group

Be part of a like-minded community, where you can learn from one another and share your experiences.

Get access to valuable

marketing resources

Get insights to create inspirational marketing materials for your business.

Abide by 


Code of Conduct

Rise your standards and allow your customers to feel confident that they're truly in the hands of a professional.

Use of

Partysafe logo

Get the chance to use Partysafe logo and boost your reputation. 

Member listing

on our website

Get the exposure you deserve to the rest of the community and attract more customers. 



Grab your chance to shine! It's time for your customers to know where to find you.

Participate in

industry surveys

Participate in the largest industry surveys and gain valuable input!

Get access to

exclusive guest posts

Get exclusive access to our guest posts, which provide first hand insights into the industry, guidance and much more!

Open up your opportunities for only €50 a year!


We place a high value on excellence, integrity and professionalism, so we'll assess your application based on a set of criteria and our code of conduct. 

your interest!

Are you ready to join us?

Memberships will be opening soon. In the meantime, register your interest here.

Already a member?

Go to members' area and get access to the exclusive content. 

Join us for only €50 a year and watch your business thrive!

Regardless of where you are in the world, team up with Partysafe today and be at the heart of the balloon and party industry.


You'll receive exclusive industry benefits, on top of all the business support you need from trusted manufacturers around the globe.


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