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Use a pump, not your mouth!

Avoid sore lips and save your lungs: blow up your balloons with a balloon pump!

It is a common misconception that it is acceptable to blow up balloons with your mouth, when this - apparently - simple act itself poses a series of health hazards. 

Balloon products are not usually sold with a balloon pump, yet you may be surprised to learn that all balloons should only ever be inflated with a balloon pump!

Here are some reasons why you should only use a pump to inflate balloons at your next birthday party or family event:

It makes your

job easier & quicker!

It is easier to control and inflate.

It avoids a potential balloon bursting over

your face.

It is more


It protects your hearing from the loud 'bang'.

It prevents suffocation hazards.

For all shapes, colours and sizes

Some balloon pumps inflate on both the "in" and "out" stroke, whilst most common pumps inflate only on a single stroke.

Pumps come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The nozzle is usually a tapered angle to ensure balloons of all sizes can be inflated.

Does the product come with a warning? 

You'll discover a warning mainly on your balloon packaging and other party products packaged with balloons.

These are voluntary symbols which were recently created by the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC) to encourage you to use a balloon pump, while rising awareness on the dangers of blowing balloons up with your mouth. 


Manufacturers who are members of the EBPC will usually use of a combination of these two symbols to incentivise you to 'Use a pump, not your mouth' when inflating balloons.

Remember: Next time, when you're buying balloons, look out for the "WARNING: Use pump, not mouth" symbol.

Use pump, not mouth warning
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