It is a common misconception that it is acceptable to inflate balloons using your mouth.

Balloon products are not usually sold with a balloon pump, yet you may be surprised to learn that all balloons should only ever be inflated with a balloon pump. Although it makes light work of inflating balloons - there are other reasons why you should only inflate balloons using a pump:

  • It avoids a potential balloon bursting over your face

  • It protects your hearing from the loud 'bang'

  • It is easier to control and inflate

  • It's more hygenic

Some balloon pumps inflate on both the 'in' and 'out' stroke, whilst most common pumps inflate only on a single stroke.

Pumps come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The nozzle is usually a tapered angle to ensure balloons of all sizes can be inflated.

Look out for the WARNING: Inflate using a balloon pump.

You may also come across WARNING: Do not inflate by mouth

Always use a balloom pump

Always use a

balloon pump

Do not inflate

by mouth

We reccomend use of a combination of the two symbols by the industry which clearly emphasises 'Use a pump, not your mouth' when inflating balloons.

Look out for the WARNING: Use pump, not mouth