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Food Contact Materials (FCM):

Framework Legislation (EC)

No. 1935/2004

All materials that come into contact with your food have likely been treated with chemicals to ensure they are safe and reliable.

There is detailed legislation with the European Union (EU), introduced in May 2004, that controls the migration of chemicals into food from food contact materials and articles.


The legislation is continually developing, of course, as better understanding and laboratory techniques are developed. The ultimate aim of this legislation is to protect you from damaging effects to your health, which may arise from foods exposed to harmful and migratory chemicals.


Health effects are not always apparent immediately but could manifest themselves of a period of years.

The framework applies to all materials and articles that may come into contact with your food - including party products.


There are many plastics and film that come into contact with your foods, hence, they will be subject to Food Contact Materials (FCM) legislation.

There are several party products which are already classed as FCM, such as decorative and themed party plates and cutlery.

The European Union takes specialist advice from independent scientific agencies, such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), on the emerging risks associated with the food chain.

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