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Don't let go!

Always ensure your balloons are disposed of correctly.

Some balloon manufacturers - most of them, members of the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC) - have recently started to use the "Don't let go" symbol.

Designed by the EBPC, this optional symbol aims to raise your awareness not to release balloons into the environment and ensure, at the same time, you dispose of your balloons correctly and responsibly. 

While we don’t see many mass balloon releases around the world as much anymore, balloon bans have been enacted in many places now in order to avoid unnecessary litter - and the symbols below are one more important step towards a more responsible consumer behaviour.


Over the last years, wondrous alternatives have been created, which only demonstrates that everyone can do its part to protect the planet, without giving up the fun.

Want to know why you should never release balloons into the air?

Where can I see this symbol?


You'll discover this symbol mainly on your balloon packaging and other party products packaged with balloons. 

Always remember to look out for the "WARNING: Don't let go" symbol, as shown below:

Bin it, don't let go warning

Oftentimes, you'll also encounter a combination of the "Bin it" and "Don't let go' symbols, which stresses these recommendations.

This is how the "WARNING: Bin it, Don't let go" symbol should look like on your packaging:

Bin it, don't let go warning

Want some extra tips on how to safely have fun? 

Here are 5 simple steps to handle balloons safely & responsibly:

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