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Indoor Balloon Games

Looking for some creative ideas to keep kids busy? 

Balloon games are not only safe, but also an educational and physically stimulating way to enjoy time indoors.


The following games have been designed and published by global leading child psychology expert Dr Amanda Gummer, founder of the Good Play Guide, in conjunction with the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC).

Download Dr Amanda Gummer's guide below: it's all zero cost and you can choose your language!


Een mini
speelgids voor educatieve activiteiten met ballonnen


A mini play guide for educational activities

with balloons


Un mini guide de jeu pour des activités éducatives avec des ballons


Ein Mini-Spielführer für Bildungsaktivitäten mit Luftballons


Una mini guida di gioco per attività educative con palloncini


Una mini guía de actividades educativas

con globos

Curious about what games are included? 

Here's a sneak peek at Dr Amanda Gummer's games:


Balloon Catch-it

Balloon Races.JPG

Balloon Races

Basket balloon.JPG


Story telling balloon (English).JPG

Storytelling Balloon (English)

Balloon Penguin Walk.JPG

Balloon Penguin Walk

Hungry Hungry Children.JPG

Hungry Hungry Children

Number Balloon (Maths).JPG

Number Balloons (Maths)

Playing with static (science).JPG

Playing with Static (Science)

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