Latex allergies

As part of the toy safety testing requirements, products that contain rubber latex must carry the warning 


'WARNING: Contains natural rubber latex'

Although not mandatory, you will also sometimes find a latex symbol. Not all latex symbols are the same - but a common one like the one illustrated here may be fixed to the packaging.

Most people who have a latex allergy or are sensitized to latex will likely be aware.Latex allergies can also be brought on by certain natural latex containing foods such as banana, avocado, tomato, etc.

The warning signs of latex allergy include prior allergic reactions after contact with balloons or rubber gloves, or unexplained allergic reactions during a medical or dental procedure.

If you think you have a latex allergy - please seek medical assistance, do not ignore it.

Did you know?

According to medical experts:


  • There are no known cases linking protein sensitisation or allergies to latex balloons that have been evidenced or documented worldwide; and,

  • Exposure to balloons have never led to anaphylactic shock or a fatal reaction.

Source: Prof. Allmers, University of Osnabruck, Germany - occupational medical expert.