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5 simple steps to handle balloons safely & responsibly

Have your heard of European Balloon & Party Council's (EBPC) Code of Best Practice For Balloons?


The Non-Governmental Organization has created this source to guide you in your purchase and also to help you in handling and enjoying balloons as much as possible, while protecting the environment and those around you.

The Code of Best Practice For Balloons comprises 5 extraordinarily simple steps so that you can have the celebration of your life with no disappointments.


They've tried to keep it simple – so here’s what you should know:

Care Card 1.4-01.png

If your supplier is an EBPC member, you can enjoy the FREE educational campaign materials available for use within your business and with your consumers. Just ask them!

Not sure if your supplier is a member of EBPC? 

Some of the materials you can expect...

Educational campaign materials about safe balloon practices

We don't just love balloons, we love the environment too! 

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