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Confetti & Party Poppers

Learn to choose your type wisely and use it responsibly.

For both confetti & party poppers, the choice is diverse. Many consider them as party throwing "necessities", but there are ways to use them without compromising one's health and the environment.


For example, did you know that party poppers are considered as "indoor fireworks", and therefore are subject to legal regulation in some countries? 

Everyone wants to enjoy the party unharmed, knowing, at the same time, that the environment will be safe and sound, right? It may not seem like it, but small details can impact your celebration, not only during, but also after everyone is gone home. 

​Top tips to consider with confetti


It is your intended use that should determine which type of confetti you will buy – and this includes, of course, confetti balloons!


Not all confetti is made equal – there are paper, plastic, wood, acrylic, leather… you name it! Sustainable alternatives, however, are increasingly popular.


Bear in mind that not all confetti biodegrades – and when it comes to paper confetti, in particular, you should always consider the type and treatment of the material(s) used. 


When used in an irresponsible way, confetti may go straight into your local river and out into the ocean, only aggravating the problem with microplastics. Therefore, consider the following:

If you plan to use the confetti outside, then be sure to choose a paper confetti or any other biodegradable type.

Outdoor party

If you plan to use your confetti inside (i.e., for indoor decorative purposes or in “contained” situations, were the confetti can be recollected and cleaned up), then the type may be less relevant.

Indoor party

Top tips to consider with party poppers


Party poppers are classed as indoor fireworks in some countries and are subject to legal regulation. 


Firing off party poppers is surprisingly thrilling. The loud bang and jolt of confetti are sure to turn heads within a few feet and keep you coming back for more. 

However, party poppers have been known to cause severe eye trauma and other facial injuries. But while the risk of fire and serious injury is extremely low, there's always behaviours you can adopt to avoid incidents:


Do not tamper with the internal contents of your party popper.

Avoid disassembling or reassembling a party popper.  

Supervise children and instruct them on how to properly use a party popper.

Always point your party popper up in the air, away from your face and any other people nearby.


Don’t pull the party popper near someone’s ears, or around people who are hard of hearing.


Never use a party popper near flammable objects or liquids.


Have water or a fire extinguisher nearby for added safety.


Don't inhale the smoke of a party popper.

... oh, and last but not least: 


Don't forget to clean up your mess.

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