The Party Industry: Leading the way for a sustainable future

Suteesh Chumber, director general of the European Balloon and Party Council (EBPC), discusses the need to create more sustainable business practices to limit the industry’s impact on the environment, comply with regulations, and meet consumer demand for more eco-friendly offerings.

Our planet in danger

There is clear, measured evidence that the earth’s climate is changing further and faster than it ever has before. Our weather patterns are getting less predictable, with serious repercussions all over the world: some places are becoming warmer, resulting in melting ice caps and rising sea levels, whereas others experience prolonged draughts or excessive rainfall and floods.

The impact of these changes could be devastating on numerous levels. Many habitats and eco-systems could cease to exist, and with them we will lose the animals and plants which call them home. There will also be an impact on our daily lives and businesses: as climate directly affects crops, it will become increasingly difficult to get hold of natural materials like latex and cotton.

The good news, however, is that we can still make a difference if we act now. This is not just beneficial for the environment, but business too. We know that today’s climate crisis is caused by a change in the balance of different gasses in our atmosphere, which are produced by a range of industries. To make things simpler, however, they are all expressed as their equivalent in carbon dioxide, which is why so many are aiming to reduce their “carbon footprint”, or even become “carbon neutral.”

Sustainability and the party industry

Views on sustainability are changing rapidly, b