My journey towards conscious consumerism

Since she was little, Kirren Klair always loved balloons. It was only recently, however, as young adult, that she has come to realize how important it is to implement more sustainable consumption habits. A balloon enthusiast, Kirren Klair describes her journey towards conscious consumerism - without never having to let go of a party.

Key to happy memories

I always loved balloons as a child (and even now as an adult!)

One of my favourite memories of balloons is from when I was 5. I was at a wedding, and they had a red balloon arch and then the cake on a table, in the middle. It looked so beautiful - and it was the first time I remember seeing something so creative and beautiful made from balloons!

Another memory is going to the fairground as a child and seeing vendors selling helium balloons. Seeing the different colours and characters from movies, I remember tugging on my grandad’s hand asking if he would buy me one.

Balloons for me have always been associated with celebration and happiness, as I know they are for many like me.