Grey zone products

Sometimes it's difficult to identify items that are not easily distinguishable as either a toy or non toy is classed as a Grey Zone item. Although the manufacturers provide guidance and marketing of the products, the ultimate decision rests with surveillance authorities on whether the product being supplied is classed as a toy or non toy.

There could be hidden dangers in grey zone items and it is important to understand the risks involved with items that may appear to be toys but are actually not toys. Below, we show you some examples common items that you should watch out for during parties around children.

Feather boa
Not a toy, is considered a decorative item to accompany an outfit
Party tableware
Not a toy, these are disposable items with no play value, food contact material regulations apply.
Party hats
Not a toy, paper hats are one time use. Designed to accompany an outfit, or fashion accessory.
Balloon pump
Not a toy, mechanical device only intended to inflate balloons. No play value.
Candle holders
Candles are not a toy. Candle holders are toys. When sold together - instructions will provide warnings that reflect this.
Party loot bags
Loot bags come in many themes. These are not a toy. The food contact materials regulations also apply. Disposable single use items.
Classed as a decorative product only - no play value. Disposable item. No play value.
Inflatable tree
Any inflatable item is classed according to it's size. This tree is 1.8m and is not a toy. It is intended to create a theme for decorative purposes only.
Not a toy. Candles are never classed as a toy.
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