Membership criteria

We also oblige our members to raise awareness for safety and the environment. Retailers who become members of Partysafe will be obliged to follow a code of conduct which reflects our guide on handling balloons safely. You must advise consumers on the following:



Supervise children

All children under the age of 8 should be supervised and not left alone. Balloons that burst can present a choking hazard and should be disposed immediately.

Use a balloon pump

Your retailer should also be able to provide you with a balloon pump. It removes unnecessary risks from a popping balloon or a loud experience close to your ear. All reputable retailers will also advise on using a pump to speed things up a little. It's a good investment.

Sell weighed balloons

Retailers should only sell helium filled balloons with a weight and string attached. This removes the risk of the balloon flying away in case it's accidentally released - which is an act of littering. Some councils have banned releasing of balloons on their land.

Don't let go

You should not undertake balloon releases. It's not good for the environment and will make you feel better if your do your bit for the environment.

Latex may cause allergies

Consumers should be made aware that most balloons, which are latex, carry a risk of causing latex allergies. Although most adults with a latex allergy may be aware of this, you should be vigilant for the signs of any allergies - especially around children whom may not be aware.

Dispose of balloons properly

Please advise consumers on how to dispose of balloons safely and properly, simply by cutting the end of the balloon with a pair of scissors and putting it into the bin.

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You must have a business registered either as a sole trader or Limited company, and have more than 50% of your offering related to the balloon & party industry.