Glitter Face Paint

Understanding the various types and uses of glitter can save you and the environment a lot of trouble!

Glitter always adds a dose of whimsy to your look, whether it's a costume, a party or even everyday. However, before you buy any sort of glitter for your face, be aware that there are various types and not all of them will be appropriate for all contexts.

Some glitter products are made from plastic, which can be a problem for marine life. When glitter is washed down the drain, it becomes part of the growing problem of "microplastics," which are consumed by plankton, fish, and birds, and can have a detrimental impact.

In addition, an irresponsible use of certain types of glitter products, particularly outdoors, in areas where they can't be cleaned properly or at all, can also be damaging, as glitter can get into water systems.

At the end of the day, it's up to you to choose more environmentally friendly products. The good news is that some companies have already come up with safer, non-toxic and durable alternatives. 


Read on for some helpful information that could save you and the planet a lot of trouble!

​Top tips to consider with glitter:

Go biodegradable

Glitter comes in a range of sizes & colours, however, a biodegradable type may be safer for your health and that of the planet.

Be mindful

Never throw or leave glitter products outdoors, specially if they contain plastic-based glitter – it gets into water systems.

Stay indoors

Only use plastic-based glitter inside, where it can be contained and cleaned up.

​And here's some extra top tips to consider with face paint in general:

Check the label

If you are buying face paints which are marketed at children, then they should be FDA approved. Always look for a CE mark and check if the packaging displays clear ingredients in English. 

What was it 

tested on?

When checking the packaging, don't forget to look for the Leaping Bunny logo. This is the only internationally recognised symbol guaranteeing that no animal tests were used. 

Choose wisely

Opt for certified organic & cruelty free products.

    Go eco-friendly

Want a low impact look? Try eco-friendly face paint from specialist retailers. 

     Be gentle

Be sure to choose water-based non-toxic makeup brands.

    Patch test

The words 'non-toxic' don't always mean certain products will be safe for your or your child's skin. Do an allergy test on a small patch of skin before using them.

Wash your


Be sure to remove any costume makeup before bed to prevent possible skin irritation - no matter how tired you are following a night of fun!