The science of art

There are endless uses for using balloons in arts and crafts. By 'thinking outside the box', we have devised a range of demonstration lessons that you can use to start getting creating.


Each lesson contains a demo video, basic worksheet, materials list and a guidance risk assessment.

Working with children for children

Partysafe has teamed up with a Rugby-based STEM school to create a series of lesson plans based on balloons. You may have seen some of these experiments before, but the purpose of teaming up is to create a series of lessons and experiments with set learning objectives whilst having fun. And most importantly, they are created by children, for children!

Here is a list of experiments we have lined up for filming over the coming months.

Title: Balloon Sculptures

Objective: To design a jacket or dress using only balloons.


Title: Button Bowl

Objective: To design a decorative button bowl.


Title: LED Lanterns

Objective: To design and create an LED lit lantern using glue, string and a balloon.


Title: Stress Balls

Objective: To design a stress ball using various materials.



Title: Paper Mache

Objective: To design a head sculpture using a balloon base.